KANTAAITI PHARMATECH is not a mere dream but a mission. It is not a piece of history, but a story of anticipation, passion and fulfilment. It is not a part of lives but lives of two people Mr Sameer Kocharekar and Mr Arvind Kotadia.

Mr Sameer Kocharekar

Mr Sameer Kochrekar is one of the founding pillars of KTT Pharmatech. He has excellent knowledge in various business domains. He is highly enthusiastic to provide excellent tablet tooling services to the customers. He co-founder of KTT Pharmatech.

His knowledge and application perfectly matches with his keen penchant for excellence in tooling industry.

His aStude to deliver the best as per customer’s changing needs and expectations perfectly combined with his passion for innovation in tooling and co-ordination with R&D team for development of newer drugs has contributed more into our mainstream business and industry itself. Adding more to his credential, he has conducted more than 50 Technical Seminars within India and overseas for Tablet tooling and machine.

Mr Arvind Kotadia

Mr. Arvind Kotadia is a leading businessman with an amazing acumen of identifying opportunities in tablet tooling industry. It is his business philosophy to provide world-class services and best quality products at a competitive price. He is appreciated by all the management team because of his amazing business acumen and goal oriented approach.

He did undertake groundwork analysis and industry experience before he ventured with a small start up know as KTT Pharmatech that has now grown into a big brand, spanning pan India and overseas.

Since its establishment, he has taken a keen interest on the business and has been a guiding force in the success of KTT Pharmatech. He has his vision and a deep desire to make KTT Pharmatech India’s best solution provider for tablet toolings. He has an excellent understanding and practical approach for providing solutions to various tooling problems.

Lead by his vision, passion and determination, KTT Pharmatech, today has achieved incredible heights of success and acknowledgement.