Multi-tip tools allow you to produce tablets at a minimum cost. It helps you to multiply your production output. Resultantly, you not only save on cost but also on the production time.


MICRO TIP Kantaaiti Pharmatech

Using Multiple Micro-Tips significantly increases tablet production, reduces production time, and cuts on the operating cost. Made from solid steel material Micro Multi-Tip Tool ensures sustainability and better resistance against high pressure. being one of the challenging product designs, it calls for high technical accuracy and understanding.


MONOBLOCK Kantaaiti Pharmatech

  • Multiplied Productivity
  • Premium Grade MOC to overcome tip damage challenges
  • Better strength
  • Advanced coating for anti-corrosion and sticking
  • Higher RPM Due to Monoblock
  • Round shape Tooling – 5.00mm to 9.50mm
  • Shape Tooling – 7.50mm x 3.50mm to 18.00mm x 9.00mm

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